Picnic Tables

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Irish Recycled Products helps homeowners, schools, businesses and recreational facilities improve the attractiveness of their outdoor areas with maintenance free picnic tables that are built to last.

When you choose our picnic tables, you’ll be able to offer your family, staff, customers and service providers a comfortable environment where they can relax, chat and enjoy a snack or lunch.

Our Picnic Tables:

565.00 inc. VAT
785.00 inc. VAT
565.00 inc. VAT
495.00 inc. VAT
415.00 inc. VAT
895.00 inc. VAT
775.00885.00 inc. VAT
945.001,045.00 inc. VAT
235.00 inc. VAT
195.00 inc. VAT

Our picnic tables also come with extended legs, so they can cater for a large crowd. They come in a warm brown colour, so they blend in naturally with the landscape.

All of our picnic tables arrives fully assembled and ready for installation.

Want to create an attractive outdoor area for your garden, business or place of work? Contact us today.

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