Gardening Tips and Arthritis


Gardening is such a relaxing and rewarding experience but having Arthritis does not mean giving up gardening.

Gardening is like the elixir of life, it brings such great joy whether its a small pot of herbs on your window sill or a big landscaped garden.

Fact from Arthritis Ireland: Around 915,000 people  in Ireland including 1,100 children are living with arthritis. It causes inflammation of the joints that causes pain and immobility, ranging from mild to severe.

Following information is provided on the Arthritis Research UK website which shows that with the right steps we can manage our arthritis and continue to enjoy gardening..

Protecting your joints when gardening

Planning your garden

Preparing the soil

The Lawn

Growing plants

Growing fruit and vegetables

Garden buildings and furniture

Hedges and Fences


When it comes to comfort while you garden our selection of raised garden beds are just what you are looking for.  So say goodbye to kneeling  directly on to  muddy ground, our raised garden beds come in standard sizes but they can be designed with your needs in mind.


They are maintenance free,easy to clean, weather proof, made from 100% recycled plastic, strong and durable and they come with 20 year guarantee.



Happy Gardening to all my green fingered friends.

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