When I was kid, my social network was called “outside”


The great outdoors a majestic serene wilderness adored by many but enjoyed by few as climate change affects day to day weather we find ourselves staying cooped up on the couch by the fire in a onesie or with a blanket rarely enjoying the beauty that is nature.

All though technology has brought us closer and more connected than ever we couldn’t be further apart and disconnected from the world we live in.

That’s where our Outdoor Furniture comes in to its own made from 100% recycled plastic making it the ultimate outdoor solution impervious to weathering meaning you never have to store it and can use it all year round through rain or shine.

Never has there been Outdoor Furniture that really does what it says on the tin, we don’t just say it we back it up with a 20yr guarantee and as our product never needs to be painted, sanded or treated in any way its Maintenance Free.

So get the whole family, the neighbors round, no more online group chats to socialise our product is for the family orientated, the entertainer, the conservative, the artist choose Irish Recycled Products Outdoor Furniture with family in mind.

When I was kid, my social network was called “outside”
“Bill Murray”

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